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providing legal consultations


We provide oral and written legal consultations related to lawsuits and contracts, we also provide legal studies for mergers and acquisitions between commercial entities in accordance to highest professional criteria, done by a team of specialists of  lawyers and legal consultants, to clarify the legal knowledge of the service applicant through its experiences in various legal fields, whether for commercial and industrial entities or for individuals. 

Drafting and reviewing of contracts


 Drafting contracts has a great importance in establishing contractual relationships, whether commercial or civil, Al Moataman pays attention to drafting contracts to ensure the rights of the contracting parties, and rigorous reviewing process to ensure the meeting of the highest legal standards.

Legal and judicial representation


Legal and judicial representation is the most comprehensive role for a lawyer,  and that said role is based on managing lawsuits, starting with providing legal advice throughout negotiation and mediation and ending with pleading and defending for companies and individuals before the relevant courts and authorities, whether governmental or private as well as bodies in  all degrees of jurisdiction, in addition to the judicial and semi-committees and certified arbitration centers.

Settlements, Mediation and Arbitration


Commercial and industrial entities or individuals may desire to avoid judicial solutions, thats where Al Moataman comes through, whether it's Settlements, Mediation and gathering the parties, and inviting them to the discussion table, Al Moataman also practices its role in arbitration between rights holders according to legal regulations.



Al Moataman has specialized work team in negotiations in general and particularly in the phases before signing contracts or legal settlements. Al Moataman is your strategic partner in the negotiations.

Managing legal affairs departments in companies


Al Moataman has an elite group of legal consultants who have extensive experience in managing all legal affairs in companies, from incorporation contracts and decisions of partners, attending general assemblies and preparing minutes, drafting, and reviewing work contracts, reviewing contracts with others, preparing internal work regulations and disciplinary regulations, and conducting internal investigations with employees. In addition to providing the necessary legal knowledge to support company decision-making.

Financial dues and claims


We always advise our clients to focus on their business endeavors and to leave the debt management and claims to a company that specializes in dealing with these cases, and that’s where Al Moataman comes in.

Providing legal courses and workshops


Providing legal courses and workshops for individuals and commercial and industrial establishments and companies in their various sectors and activities by raising the efficiency of departmental directors, administrative and executive directors, legal departments, legal advisors and assistants, legal researchers and administrators working in the public or the private sector. We also provide legal training for specialists, students and those interested in all fields of professional work and are looking for the necessary tools for success, whether it's raising their familiarity with legal and legislative knowledge or arguing skills before the courts.


Personal status cases

Personal status cases have a great importance and influence on the community, and as a result we in Al Moataman provide all consultations and legal services for personal status cases such as divorce, marriage, custody, visits, alimony and more, provided to you by a specialized team in these regards.

Administrative cases

​The administrative judiciary in the Kingdom, represented by the Board of Grievances, is the judicial body entrusted with adjudicating disputes in which the administrative body is a party. At Al Moataman, we provide all legal services related to the most prominent types of lawsuits pending before the Board, such as employment rights lawsuits, lawsuits for annulment of administrative decisions, and lawsuits for compensation for that. Disciplinary lawsuits, and finally administrative contract lawsuits and other administrative disputes.

Commercial cases

In light of the 2030 vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that pushes for innovation in the commercial sector, and with the Law of Commercial Courts stating the need for a lawyer for conducting lawsuit procedures, Al moataman's way of keeping up with the fast-paced developments by hiring specialists in commercial cases in fields such as supply agreements, bankruptcy and financial reform procedures, in addition to  procedures relating to commercial arbitration and corporate governance in accordance with the developing regulations.

Medical malpractice cases

The most important and ever-changing health sector also needs attention from the legal aspect, and that is what we aim for.

Tax cases

With the help of our professional team, we provide legal counsel on your financial claims and the procedures that follow. And conduct research in that matter, we also provide legal briefs and appeals alongside legal representation for individuals and corporations before the relevant authorities.

Financial cases

It is no secret thar that an imbalance in the economic wheel results in a weakening of the financial position of the individual, institutions, and companies. The mismanaging of funds in partnerships entails economic crimes stipulated in the regulations and laws related to them. Therefore, Al Moataman cooperates with the relevant departments in this regard. Managing financial issues of all kinds in a way that ensures achieving the best financial results for the individual and institutional sectors.

Labor cases

organizing employee relations and all conflicts resulting from said relations either from the employee's side or the employer's.

Criminal justice cases

Criminal justice cases take up majority of cases seen by judicial courts, and they are categorized as all cases which threaten the five necessities under the protection of sharia law: preservation of religion, life, intellect, lineage, and wealth. Protected under Sharia law and man-made laws, and considers actions such as assault, murder, kidnapping, treachery, betrayal of public and personal trust, extortion, fraud and deception, administrative and financial corruption such as forgery and bribery, theft, plunder, seizing property of others etcetera… all as punishable acts under law.

And due to the huge impact of such actions on society and on a more personal level, it is required under law for the accused to be informed of their legal right to seek the assistance of a lawyer or a legal representative during investigation and throughout the trial. And to get their signature to validate their knowledge on the rights mentioned above, as stated in the 22nd article of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Therefore, we advise that you contact us if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, and our specialized team will provide legal counsel and judicial representation to help you through it.

Insurance cases

In terms of insurance cases, our team is able to conduct the necessary research on the resolution of insurance disputes and violations that could happen between insurance companies and insurance brokers. Or disputes related to health insurance. And anything regarding car, ship, plane, and cargo insurance.


Additional services we provide

Drafting and studying all kinds of legal regulations.

Amending company bylaws and following up on its amendment with the relevant authorities.

Attending general assemblies and preparing minutes, alongside any work-related legal assemblies.

Structuring commercial entities and formulating their governance rules.

Issuing the necessary licenses for commercial practices.

Participate in negotiation for concluding contracts.

Drafting contracts in both Arabic and English.

 Drafting and reviewing franchising agreements

Studying the legal status of the second party and providing the legal consultancy in relations with others.

Liquidation of companies and commercial entities.

Registration of names and trademarks.

.Issuing foreign investment license

Drafting or reviewing incorporation contracts and following up on its procedures with relevant authorities.

Drafting non-disclosure agreements

Informing clients of new systems, regulations and instructions and regular rules related to their activities.

Bankruptcy settlements  

Conducting legal due diligence examination in the commercial field.

Managing the legalities of joint ventures and alliance contracts between companies.

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