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Al Moataman Co.

Al Moataman Lawyers and Legal consultancy is a professional firm with limited liability,

عن الشركة

About us

Al Moataman Lawyers and Legal consultancy is a professional firm with limited liability, with the purpose of adding value to the legal profession specifically in Al-Ahsa and across the Eastern Province, while also continuously raising the standards in terms of legal services provided by firms throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Founded upon solid expertise provided by its founders Lawyer Redah Bin Ali Al-Baqshi with over seven years' worth of experience as a lawyer in boutique firms and large legal corporations, alongside legal consultant Ali Bin Abdulaziz Bu Saleh who gained his expertise from working for over 10 years in the industry, from working under corporations, to Head of legal affairs, and even as a member of the Public Prosecution.

Our values

Al Moataman, which comes from the principle "The person who is consulted is in a position of trust" is founded upon integrity and honor.

Our message

To invoke justice, protect and preserve the rights given through the frequently amended and applied laws and legislations.

Our vision

Developing legal services for all kinds of individuals and institutions from corporations, organizations, committees, and even associations made for public benefits, aligning with rapid legislative progress made by the Kingdom following the 2030 vision.

Success partners



Providing legal consultations

We provide oral and written legal consultations related to lawsuits and contracts, we also provide legal studies for mergers and acquisitions between commercial entities in accordance to highest professional criteria, done by a team of specialists of  lawyers and legal consultants, to clarify the legal knowledge of the service applicant through its experiences in various legal fields, whether for commercial and industrial entities or for individuals. 

Settlements, Mediation and Arbitration

Commercial and industrial entities or individuals may desire to avoid judicial solutions, thats where Al Moataman comes through, whether it's Settlements, Mediation and gathering the parties, and inviting them to the discussion table, Al Moataman also practices its role in arbitration between rights holders according to legal regulations.

Personal Status

Personal status cases have a great importance and influence on the community, and as a result we in Al Moataman provide all consultations and legal services for personal status cases such as divorce, marriage, custody, visits, alimony and more, provided to you by a specialized team in these regards.

Drafting and reviewing of contracts

 Drafting contracts has a great importance in establishing contractual relationships, whether commercial or civil, Al Moataman pays attention to drafting contracts to ensure the rights of the contracting parties, and rigorous reviewing process to ensure the meeting of the highest legal standards.


Al Moataman has specialized work team in negotiations in general and particularly in the phases before signing contracts or legal settlements. Al Moataman is your strategic partner in the negotiations.

financial dues and claims

We always advise our clients to focus on their business endeavors and to leave the debt management and claims to a company that specializes in dealing with these cases, and that’s where Al Moataman comes in.

Legal and judicial representation

 التمثيل القانوني والقضائي للشركات والأفراد أمام الجهات ذات العلاقة سواء الحكومية أو من القطاع الخاص، والجهات بجميع درجاتها العدلية في مجالات القانون المختلفة، بالإضافة للجان القضائية وشبه القضائية ومراكز التحكيم المعتمدة.

Legal affairs department in companies

Al Moataman has an elite group of legal consultants who have extensive experience in managing all legal affairs in companies, from incorporation contracts and decisions of partners, attending general assemblies and preparing minutes, drafting, and reviewing work contracts, reviewing contracts with others, preparing internal work regulations and disciplinary regulations, and conducting internal investigations with employees. In addition to providing the necessary legal knowledge to support company decision-making.



Ali Bin Abdul-Aziz Bu Saleh

Founder-partner – general manager

Ali is a founder member and general manager at Al Moataman Law and Legal Consultancy who got his Bachelor’s degree and Masters with honors from the faculty of Law at King Saud University in Riyadh. He also got his high diploma in the English language from INTO Colorado University in Colorado State in the United States of America.

His professional experience varies, he started his career in the private sector in legal affairs at one of the largest local holding companies, then worked as a member in the Public Prosecution, then moved on to practice Law at a local firm, then evolved into Head of legal affairs in a local holding company, and during his time there he aided in the establishment of more than six other companies alongside their legal affairs department with his expertise.

Then came establishment Al Moataman law firm as a result of these successes. Ali is the managing partner in the company where he manages the legal work and the relations with commercial and industrial entities regarding all their affairs and business.

Redah bin Ali Al-Baqshi

Founder partner - Lawyer

Redah started his career as a trainee in a law firm for three years, then went on to work in legal affairs as a lawyer and legal consultant in Abdul Latif Jameel Co. - one of the largest companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- on different services they provide such as cars, properties, and financing. Moreover, he succeeded in several lawsuits which resulted in establishing his own firm to practice the law.

Redah reinforced his expertise through acquiring more than one hundred hours of training in different legal fields administrative law. And that's how he was able to provide plenty of legal consultations that contributed to raising the community's awareness.

Finally, he peaked his career by creating a partnership through integrating two skilled teams to produce Al Moataman Law and Legal Consultancy.

Redah works as a lawyer and manages the legal work and relations associated with Personnel affairs in the company.

Our team

  1. The accounting department, which concerned with system of accounting entries and its review.

  2. Design Department, responsible for design affairs and content management via social media.

  3. - The Legal Consulting Department, which is concerned with following up on clients’ legal consultations to ensure accuracy and quality of work.

  4. ​The Financial Claims Department, which takes care of clients Financial claims and their bureaucratic administrative affairs.

managers of the company in order to reach client expectations and satisfaction , Al Moataman Co. made sure to accumulate a distinguished team that separates it from its peers in terms of providing legal services, through establishing a number of the specialist departments that make up  Al Moataman.

Alongside the continuous monitoring from the executive department and executive managers of the company in order to reach client expectations and satisfaction

Al Moataman Co. ensures to appoint the best legal practitioners to aid in its success, such as a specialist cooperative team in different commercial, and financing, legal, medical and insurance, administrative and criminal cases.

In order to manage Al Moataman professionally, we use the help of holding companies that manage law corporations in legal and accounting aspects. This ensures Al Moataman is devoted to pure legal work that contributes to raising the quality and professionalism of legal work to reach the satisfaction of its clients.



  • ما الذي يميز شركة المؤتمن؟
    نحن شركة المؤتمن نتميز لدى عملائنا بتنوع خبراتنا ولدينا القدرة على التعامل مع مختلف أنواع القضايا ونعمل بمهنية عالية حيث أن المؤتمن نشأت من قاعدة "المستشار مؤتمن" حيث التميز والسرعة في أداء المهمة تجد المؤتمن.
  • هل ينحصر نطاق عمل الشركة داخل الأحساء فقط؟
    لا، وجود المؤتمن في المنطقة الشرقية لا يعني انحسار عملها؛ فالمؤتمن لا يحدها حدود؛ حيث تعمل على مستوى المملكة العربية السعودية وخارجها من خلال وجود شراكات مختلفة في عدد من دول الخليج والشرق الأوسط.
  • ما هي أوقات العمل المتاحة للتواصل مع الشركة؟
    يكون التواصل خلال ساعات العمل من الساعة الثامنة صباحاً وحتى الرابعة عصراً من يوم الأحد إلى يوم الخميس.
  • هل الشركة مختصة في قضايا معينة؟
    تقدم الشركة الخدمات القانونية في كافة فروع القانون وبمختلف أنواع القضايا الجنائية والإدارية والتجارية والحقوقية والمالية والتأمين والقضايا الطبية؛ حيث أن المؤتمن تضمن لكم المتخصص المستقل في كل فرع من فروعه.
  • هل يتم تقديم خدمة الاستشارات القانونية عن بعد؟
    نعم، توفر المؤتمن العديد من الوسائل لتقديم الاستشارات القانونية منها الاستشارة الحضورية والاستشارة الهاتفية والاستشارة عبر برنامج زووم وتيمز وغيره؛ كما يمكنكم حجز الموعد عن طريق الموقع الإلكتروني وتحديد نوع الاستشارة المطلوبة.
  • كم المدة المتوقعة للانتهاء من القضية؟
    لا يمكن التنبؤ بذلك فلكل قضية مسارها وعدد جلساتها مرتبطة بالجهة القضائية والقضايا المقيدة لديها حين رفع القضية.
  • هل لديكم تدريب للمتخرجين الجدد؟
    يتم الإعلان عن ذلك عبر موقع الشركة والحسابات الخاصة بها عبر مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي: لينكدان: Almoatamanfirm تويتر: Almoatamanfirm سنابشات: Almoatamanfirm انستقرام: Almoatamanfirm
  • كيف أتقدم بطلب التوظيف؟
    بالطريقة التي يتم تحديدها في الإعلان الوظيفي.
  • ما هي الأوقات المتاحة للتواصل مع محامي الشركة؟
    عبر زيارة مقر الشركة، أو من خلال التواصل مع الرقم الخاص بالشركة 0562996066 لتحديد وحجز موعد مع المحامي المختص.
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